"I had been dealing with my weight and feeling uncomfortable in my body for years (starting in college like many females). The scale was not my friend, no matter what self motivated plans I tried, I had never found success or the support to stick with them. Chance (and the power of social medial) put Jessica in my life and I cannot put into words the effect she has made in my life. I am down 18 pounds since January 4th, and can finally say that I love the real me who is now shining through. Without Jessica's 6-week bootcamp to jumpstart this new year (where I lost 12 pounds alone), I would have still been in the dark and continuing to do it all wrong. With Jessica's guidance, support and sincere desire to see her clients succeed, I'd still be that girl on the left. With the right tools, support and knowledge that Fit Mama 4 Life gave me, I will continue my journey as this girl on the right, and be forever in debt and grateful for Jessica Oliva!"  - Brittany from New York

For the first time ever I’m 129 pounds and a size 4 is fitting me.  I haven’t been this size EVER in my adult life.  This boot camp was just the extra push I needed to get some muscle back and focus on my eating.  Thanks Jessica!”  – Ashley from Salt Lake City, UT

Ashley became a mom for the first time only 7 months ago.  She lost 7 pounds and 6 inches total in just six weeks and has toned up a lot! I’m so impressed with her results and proud of her hard work.  Who says moms can’t be better than ever after baby?!

 “Since joining this amazing group to begin a healthier lifestyle I’ve seen instant results.  At first I just though I would never shed those last couple of pounds of baby weight that was left over but within week two I dropped that stubborn weight and broke my plateau.  Not only am I slimming down but I am also making smarter eating habits.  Jessica’s boot camp has completely changed my outlook and I am so excited to continue even after the allotted six weeks.  My endurance and strength has increased as well.  There is something about meeting a group of women who are going through the same struggles as you and receiving daily motivations from each other.  I am so happy I accidentally clicked on her blog.  Best health decision I’ve made in a long time!  it is hard being a new mama and taking the time to feel about yourself and this concept is perfect.  Thanks Jess!” – Glennda from Miami, FL

Glennda lost 6 pounds and 8.5 total inches!!

“I have always struggled with my weight and finally in my early twenties I decided to take it off. I lost 75 pounds and felt great. Then I got engaged, got married, had my daughter, and then got sick… I was put on a steroid and the weight just started pilling on and on. Right after I was taken off of the medicine I decided to work on an elimination diet. I cut out all gluten, dairy, soy and corn. I took off some weight but still not enough. I felt like it was really just a “diet”. Then I started a major mainstream diet and again took off more weight but not enough. Something still was not clicking for me. I needed more. I needed the support and motivation to just get going. I have known Jessica since high school and enjoyed reading her blog. I first read that she was starting to work with clients on weight loss and I knew it was time to really commit. After talking to Jessica for the first time (in years!) about my weight and what she could do to help me I knew I had made the right step to a better me. Working with Jessica for 8 weeks allowed me to gain control and confidence in the weight loss. Jessica taught me that this isn’t a “diet” this is my new lifestyle and way of living, I needed to learn that desperately. I now have such a handle on my intake of food but do not feel like I need to count anything, I just eat healthy and move! Because of Jessica I am down 3 sizes and feeling great! She gave me all the tools to succeed and I am looking forward to what the future entails.” – Jessica from CT

Jessica has lost 47 pounds so far and is down 4 sizes!  She has completely changed the way she lives her life and I am so proud of the mental transformation she has made which is way more important than her physical transformation (even though I’m super proud of that too :)).

“When I first signed up to participate in the 6 week online bikini boot camp, I wasn’t entirely sure what I was getting myself into, but I was sure that I wanted to be healthier and needed some guidance. I had already started my journey before we connected, but I knew I would need additional support to make this a lifestyle change. After speaking with Jessica initially over the phone, I knew I couldn’t wait to start. The daily support and encouragement that I receive is unmatched. Being that we are both mothers, I knew she understood my fears and struggle of losing the baby weight and being healthy with less time during the day. The workouts are challenging but manageable. I really learned a lot about what my strengths are and where I need to improve. The biggest thing for me is time. The workouts aren’t time consuming, but they get the job done. I didn’t know how much I could sweat in such a short amount of time! The nutritional guidance that Jessica has provided has really been an eye opening experience. Learning how to up my protein and reduce my carbs has made my overall health improve. I recently found some old clothes that I have held onto because I just wanted them to fit again, and I now fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans! That is the biggest success for any mom, I’m sure. I have more clothes that are fitting better. Is there anything better than having someone ask, “You look great! Have you lost weight?” Even more that than, I have energy to keep up with my toddler and for that I’m grateful for meeting and working with Jessica.  The internet is a wonderful thing and I’m loving how technology can bring people together. I have noticed improvements through all aspects of my daily life. Participating in this program was the right choice because it wasn’t a quick fix or some magic potion. Jessica was clear that this was good old fashion hard work and that’s exactly what I love about this program!” – Amanda from Charlotte, North Carolina

“I signed up for the Bikini Boot Camp with Jessica to get back in shape before a planned summer vacation at the beach.  I was able to get back into good shape after my first was born, but have had a harder time getting back into it after my second son was born 18 months ago. We are now half way through the program and I am definitely loving it!  I like the accountability factor – for food and for exercise – I think this was the key that I really needed.  In just 3 weeks, I’m starting to see my clothes fit better and I’m feeling stronger.  It’s great to see results relatively soon!  Jessica has been great about helping me to stay on track and supportive regarding any concerns or questions I have.  The workouts are great – totally sweat-inducing, but absolutely doable!  This Bikini Boot Camp is the “push” I was looking for!”  – Jill from Lutz, FL

“Jessica and I met in 2008 when we became co-coaches for an all-star cheerleading team in Connecticut. We bonded instantly over our love for cheerleading. Jess was passionate and dedicated about building stronger and healthier athletes, so it was no surprise tome when she launched her business last year. As a cheerleader and dancer, I have always been concerned about my appearance and fitness level, which generally resulted in me counting calories and eating “diet” like food. Although these methods worked to see short-term results, I was always ending up right back where I started. When I saw Jess post about her Bikini Boot Camp , I was immediately intrigued. I thought this would be the perfect way for me to improve my eating habits and get in shape for my wedding this August. This program, however, has given me so much more than that. Not only have I seen results in pounds and inches, but I just simply FEEL better. Jess has taught me that eating healthy is not about dieting, but that it is about changing your lifestyle and fueling your body for each day. I have learned that I do not NEED that bowl of ice cream after dinner, and that I can be just as satisfied with a healthier more nutritious (but still delicious!) option. In addition to the nutrition plan, the fitness regimen is manageable yet challenging. It is not so hard that I become frustrated, but I always feel the good-kind-of-sore the following day. Finally, Jess’s support has been crucial throughout this process. I know she is always there on the other end of the phone/computer whenever I need her – to ask questions about nutrition, fitness, or just to send her a quick update. She is dedicated to her clients and truly cares about their results and progress.”  – Kayte from Boston, MA