5 Reasons Why You Will Fail at Network Marketing

Two years ago I was that person who said I would NEVER join an MLM opportunity (Multi-Level Marketing)...never ever because I was creating my own brand and fitness business and didn't want to be one of those "people" who sell out, join the masses and hock a product I didn't believe in. I mean, an MLM is a pyramid scheme, isn't it?

Soon after this I educated myself, saw what a huge opportunity I was missing out on with passive income and being able to help MORE people reach their fitness goals, so I swallowed my pride big time and became a Beachbody coach. Now almost two years later I am SO happy I went with my gut and gave it a chance. Not only have I helped women become successful in their health and fitness journey's, but I've also found a passion to teach others how to be successful in business as well. 

However, this post isn't about me being a Beachboy coach, it's about Advocare, Rodan + Fields, Younique, JuicePlus, doTERRA, Jamberry, Lularoe, It Works, or WHATEVER company you are working with or thinking about partnering with, and the top five reasons why nine out of ten people will fail at networking marketing. 

1. You are using social media incorrectly (and this is putting it nicely...). 

Social media has been an absolute game changer for network marketing and I have personally built my entire business this way, but I see so many people who are approcahing social media platforms incorrectly and instead of attracting customers, they are pushing people away. 

The reason why most people assign a negative connotation with network marketing is because they only have experience seeing their friend or family member who spams the heck out of them. This is EXACTLY why I didn't want to get involved, and when I finally did make the decision to join Beachbody, I knew there was a better way. 

I refused to be a spammy salesperson and I vowed to educate and inspire my followers by showing them how I was leading a healthy and fit life. This strategy has worked extremely well for me, and now this is the exact way I teach my Team Fit Dynasty members to start their individual fitness brands and how to build a successful business from the ground up. 

Don't be that person who spams their social media feed trying to sell your products with bringing LITTLE OR NO VALUE to the table. People WILL block you, and you will be added to the list of just another sales person who will most likely quit this venture in a few short months because your spammy social media marketing hasn't been successful. 

You also NEVER want to send the same generic message to every one of your friends/followers that was clearly cut and pasted, and says something along these lines: "Hey girl! I hope you're doing well. I just wanted to tell you about my awesome new venture working with (insert product here) and I know you would absolutely LOVE it. I added you to my online party and I hope you'll buy what I'm selling." Well maybe not in those exact words but you know where I'm going with this.

NO. NO. NO. This is a bad idea and if your are being trained to do this, shame on your company/sponsor/upline coach for teaching you this way because it's a recipe for failure. I receive these messages daily and I delete them all. This person has no interest in getting to know ME or why they think I need whatever they're selling. 

2. You think you need to bombard your friends and family to build a successful business.

This is simply not true and I actually strongly suggest you don't do this. Let's be honest with ourselves, our family members/closest friends will probably buy from us or become a distributor/consultant/coach if you ask them to because they love us, not because they are passionate about whatever it is we're doing. They will stay for a few months, decide it's not for them, and leave. Now you've wasted your time and spun your wheels to be right back where you started. This will keep happening and you will give up. 

It's not necessary to reach out to my circle of friends and family, and I have found through non-spammy and effective marketing strategies that they will eventually reach out to ME when they are ready to join me in one of my challenge groups...not because I've guilted them into buying from me, but because they truly want the product.

We don't need to only go after our friends and family to be successful because now we have the opportunity to find and work with millions of people via social media (as long as you are going about it correctly - read number one again if you need to :)). 

3. You aren't in it for the long haul and you aren't showing up every day. 

I've seen many people who have SO much potential to be great come and go because they simply don't give it enough time. I tell my new coaches that they really need to commit to a year of building their business because it takes hard work and consistency over time to see the benefits of network marketing. 

We had a great day at the beach and I'm so fortunate that I can literally work from anywhere, even under an umbrella while on a team training video call from my phone. 

We had a great day at the beach and I'm so fortunate that I can literally work from anywhere, even under an umbrella while on a team training video call from my phone. 

You also need to show up every day, and when I say this I don't mean work 16 hours per day, but you need to dedicate at LEAST one hour a day five days per week to keep moving your business forward. I work extremely part-time and do so from wherever I am (we are currently in South Carolina at the beach), but I still do SOMETHING each day to move my business forward and to continue my momentum. 

So many people have the misconception with network marketing that people get "lucky" because they "got in at the right time."  This is another myth...trust me, every person who makes six or seven figures with a network marketing opportunity had to work hard at some point to get them there, and if you want to leave your full time job that you hate by pursuing network marketing, you absolutely can, but you need to work on it every day to get there. 

4. You are blaming everyone else for your lack of success. 

"I have kids so I can't be successful." 

"My upline coach hasn't really helped me, so I'm not successful."

"There are so many people already selling these products."

"People say it's too expensive."

If you are having these conversations with yourself then network marketing is probably not for you. If you want to continue you need to take 100 percent ownership of your lack of success so far and put together a plan to turn it around (and it is possible to turn it around). Yes, network marketing isn't for everyone but don't fool yourself that it's anyone else's fault but your own. 

5. You aren't committed to making yourself better each day.

Daily personal development alone has catapulted my business forward in the past few months. Every day I commit to reading a book or listening to a podcast for a minimum of 15 minutes per day to make myself better in some area of my life (business, relationships, parenting, etc.).

This step is CRUCIAL to your success in network marketing and even just successful in your life in general. When you are constantly improving yourself and learning new things you will never run out of inspiration or ideas to apply to your business. 


If you are currently involved in an MLM I hope this post has helped you in some way and I wish you much success in your business. 

If you have ever considered partnering with an MLM in the fitness sphere but you've had major reservations in the past (like I have), but this post has spoken to you some way, I invite you to hear more about Team Fit Dynasty and how we've been able to achieve success without spammy sales techniques. Please apply here to be considered for the team. 

I will personally get on the phone with you, answer all of your questions and tell you exactly what you will benefit from partnering with our fitness community of coaches. I will teach you exactly how to build your own unique fitness brand and how to market yourself effectively via the ever-changing social media platforms, and ultimately how to run a successful business that has an endless passive income opportunity while doing something you are passionate about all from home!